The Cure of the Royal Official’s Son

‘Go home,’ said Jesus ‘your son will live.’


palestine_nt_timesIn today’s Gospel we hear of Jesus’ second sign – the curing of the Royal Official’s son. In the scene, we hear of the journey that the royal official makes in going to meet Jesus, to ask for a cure for his son. Upon making his request to Jesus, the royal official is told: “‘Go home, your son will live.’”.

We are privileged to witness the great faith of this father; believing in the words of Our Lord, and not seeking any extra ‘proof’ 0f his son’s cure. He simply begins the journey back home – quite a distance to travel on foot. The greeting of his servant’s on the road, and the news of the cure of his son, brought about a change in him. In the context of his faith journey – he, the royal official himself, was brought to life. Indeed, his encounter with Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, enkindled something profound in him, that changed his life. This is the gift of faith.

royal official sonThis incident is an incredible one because the miracle itself doesn’t happen in the foreground. Indeed, we never meet the young boy himself. So often, miracles, and profound moments of enlightenment in our lives occur off stage, as it were, and often not in a way that we expected them to happen. Here in this Gospel we see Our Lord longs for us to have life. He longs for us to put our complete confidence and trust in Him, and to continue on our own pilgrimage of life. Let us today give thanks to those people in our lives who we have met on the road, was the royal official did, and who enlightens us in the reality that the Lord has and does work miracles in us and through us. Let us also pray for a discerning heart, that we may recognise the promptings of the Lord.


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