Tenth Station of the Cross



Jesus willingly accepted this humiliation of being jeered at and mocked so that we may be forgiven, just as He had accepted all of His Suffering up to this point. This also must have been unbearably painful for Our Blessed Mother and those with her as they stood nearby. This was one more sword thrust into her heart.

From St. Francis’ Way of the Cross:

When Our Savior had arrived on Calvary, He was cruelly despoiled of His garments. How painful this must have been because they adhered to His wounded and torn body, and with them parts of His bloody skin were removed! All the wounds of Jesus were renewed.

We, as followers of Christ, must strip ourselves of every affection for this world. As St. Francis says, we must lay aside “all evil desires and sinful inclinations.” Jesus’ clothes were sticking to his body and bloody wounds, and it was very painful when they were harshly torn off. Our sins and attachments to this sinful world are a much deeper part of our soul, and to remove them from who we are as a person can be very painful. This can mean losing our friends and even our family. It could mean leaving a job that we love, rejecting certain types of music and clothing, even rejecting certain foods if such food has become an addiction.


The full meditation can be found here.


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